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About Lauren

Plainly put, I am a photographer. My memories generally consist of pictures, where I am either behind the lens or in front of it. That being said, I love the ability to capture a moment and engrave it forever in the mind of the viewer. There is something captivating in awaiting the moment - whether it be the romance of a wedding, the brilliance of a sunset, or the joy in a childs eyes. When that moment comes, the hectic motion of the world seems to stop as the shutter clicks and absorbs the shot. There will never be another place in the vast expanse of time like the one captured at that precise instant. I love being there when that happens with my camera in hand, and I hope you will take that journey with me.

My passion for photography is coupled nicely with a love for travel. Though I currently live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have homes all over the world - really, wherever my passions and camera take me. I love snapping photographs living life as a nomad, connecting with people, kayaking, playing board games, being in the great outdoors, and of course taking pilgrimages to Chipotle Mexican grill. But most important of all, my faith is the core of myself. It is what fuels my passions, combines them in beautiful blends, and helps them grow. God has given me a love for photography, and Ive learned through it that it is a way to express the inexpressible.

American photographer Dorothea Lange once remarked, "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." This is my deep hope: that you would see real people, real situations, and real beauty- not only in a photograph, but without the camera.